Whose heritage is it, anyway?

Marklives | 26 March 2015 Where does #RhodesMustFall leave heritage brands? Mass protests, a social media storm and the occupation of the administration building have pushed UCT’s transformation record into the national spotlight, throwing up some interesting questions for heritage brands. What do you do if you were the favourite brand of an old generation ofContinue reading “Whose heritage is it, anyway?”

Biphobia – the final frontier

Mambaonline | 20 January 2014 My grandfather always used to joke that being bi doubled your chances of a date on a Friday night. (Woody Allen said it first, I later discovered.) Actually, what I think it might do is halve your chances. It seems to me that hating on bisexuals is one of the lastContinue reading “Biphobia – the final frontier”

Camp, butch, and the quest for authenticity

Mambaonline | 11 October 2013 When I came out, neither of my brothers seemed surprised. They hadn’t expected it, they said, but it made sense and explained all kinds of things. I found that strange, because no one in my family is the kind of rugby-watching macho oke that our medievally patriarchal nation holds up asContinue reading “Camp, butch, and the quest for authenticity”