The apocalypse after the apocalypse

Written by Christopher McMichael. Published in New Frame (23 May 2022) Two new books, Anthem by Noah Hawley and It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way by Alistair Mackay, explore what comes after Covid-19. Global pandemics, drowned cities, armed fascists on the streets, collapsing infrastructure. As income inequality reaches historic new heights, some media promote the colonisation of MarsContinue reading “The apocalypse after the apocalypse”

Fighting to get noticed

MarkLives | 12 August 2014 An obvious marketing objective of the Democratic Alliance is to shift perceptions around race. With a disproportionately high number of white supporters, the DA has long suffered from the ANC pigeonholing it as a party “for whites”. As the marketing wisdom goes, if you fail to position your brand, theContinue reading “Fighting to get noticed”